Bang Me In The Bathroom – Sneaky Peak – Tiffany Doll – Kane Turna

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Hi Guys,

We have decided (because we’re so nice and love you all) that we are going to give you a sneaky peek from ‘Bang Me In The Bathroom’. For free!!!….Well, not the whole of it but most of it anyway. Just Click Here to see!!!IMG_5735watermarked

Tiffany was absolutely amazing to work with and we we’re blown away with actually how fucking dirty she was…no really its true! The chemistry between her and Kane Turna was awesome and so nice to see genuine sexual connection going on!


If your a fan of Tiffany or Kane don’t forget to follow them on Twitter! @tiffanydollxxx @kaneturnaxxx


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Not to mention we have hundreds of more scenes to watch with lots of UK and european talent.



Taylor Shay. ‘I fucked My Best Friends Girlfriend’

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Hi everyone!,

We were very privileged to have Taylor Shay at Purexxxfilms HQ along with the charming Seth Strong as part of our series ‘I Fucked My Best Friends Girlfriend’. Now i know what your all thinking…What is ‘I Fucked My Best Friends Girlfriend’ all about? Well..If you are thinking that then I would suggest abstaining from holding sharp objects or operating any electrical equipment. However there is a subtle plot line that runs through each episode and this one is no exception. Seth’s character chats on the phone with best mate greg (Taylor Shay’s boyfriend) who has been boasting that he’s been shagging about left right and centre. Seth being the gent that he is thinks that its not exactly a nice thing to do to your girlfriend and decides to pay her a visit and tell her all that he has heard about naughty boy Gregory. He sits her down and tells her the whole story to which she is shocked and mortified. After a moment she starts to think ‘Well if he’s fucking around I might as well fuck around’ Thats when the magic happens and we see these two horny rabbits bonking like its a bonk holiday Monday after eating a Viagra cake between them. Click here or on the image to be taken to a free glimpse of the scene!

IMG_5701 copy

Big fan of Taylor Shay? Want to know more about her? Want to know about her hobbies, favourite colour and star sign? Well watch this video and you might just find out. If she doesn’t mention those things then I’m sorry I can’t be held accountable but any questions you would like us to ask the pornstars then email in to titled Sinterview

Jasmine Jae Sinterview

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Get to know the person behind the incredibly erotic and sensual body to discover the real Jasmine Jae. I think you will find her quite delightful. She was an absolute pleasure to interview although she did make my palms go a bit sweaty. Hopefully she didn’t notice them….or my raging hard on…ooops did i just say that out aloud?




We Offered White Dee From Benefits Street a Role in Our Porno

As revealed in an article today by the Daily Star, we offered ‘White Dee’ a part in our porn parody of hit TV show ‘Benefits street’.  We couldn’t convince her to strip off but she is up for a cameo role!  So watch this space!

Read the full article on the Daily Star Website [Click Here].

Benefits Treat (Benefits Street) - Daily Star Article

“Dee, 42, real name Deirdre Kelly, revealed that she would love to appear on screen as a randy mum with adult movie actor Charley Leigh in sex spoof Benefits Treat.
Dee wrote: “Hey guys, met an amazing person in @CharleyleighB maybe I can be her mom in the next film lol @BenefitsTreat give her a follow guys x”.

Yesterday her agent Barry Tomes said: “Dee would never take her clothes off or have sex on screen, but she would consider appearing as herself in a guest role.”

Don’t forget you can watch our horny hit parody here at PureXXXFilms, or go to to sign up and watch episode 1 for free!

Benefits Treat - Benefits Street Adult Parody

Benefits Treat (Benefits Street Adult Parody) is also nominated for ‘Adult Film of the Year’ at the Paul Raymond Awards ->Click here to Vote Now!

[Click Here to See the Rest for Free]


Cheeky Meets White D At Birmingham Pride

Hey Guys and Girls,

As you all know that we are the makers of the New Adult Parody “ Benefits Treat “, a parody of the Channel 4 programme “ Benefits Street “. Which is based in Birmingham and if you all don’t know that we are a Birmingham base production house so what better people to do this.

So have all you dirty fuckers out their checked it out?  If you haven’t you can check the first episode out for Free on our website

We have some great news that one of our extra’s @charleyleighb aka Cheeky met the real “ White D “ at Birmingham Gay pride and told her about “ Benefits Treat “ and she loved it. So here is a little picture of Cheeky and Dee Kelly at Pride in Birmingham.


@therealDeekelly has been talking to us over Twitter and has put some great tweets out there about us having some banter as she said she loves that fact we have made it. But is still yet to admit if she has taken a look at it or not. So below is a print screen of her quote.

We hope you like the new Parody and it seems to us all at Pure XXX Films that you are liking it too!  As we are up at the Paul Raymond Awards For “ Adult Film Of The Year “ I hope you can take 5 minutes out of your day to give us a little vote, we will be very grateful. Here is the link to the voting VIA the internet. -à

Thanks Guys!!